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Novel, low power consumption VOIP headset based on ZigBee Technology


Eurostars EU-08-4302
27 months
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Z-PHONE M21 - Technical Meeting

Friday, 9th July, 2010 - Budapest

The Z-PHONE project will develop a ZigBee-based headset that allows wireless high quality voice communication via PCs using any of the standard VoIP software (e.g., Skype, Messenger). This new wireless technology will be called VoZ, Voice-over-ZigBee, since the voice will be transmitted over the ZigBee protocol (110 mW/50 meters), gaining communication autonomy (x2) and distance (at least x4), compared with Bluetooth technology, currently the technology with least power consumption, since DECT and WiFi technologies consume much more than Bluetooth and can’t be integrated into small devices. The increase of autonomy will result in doubling the life time of the rechargeable battery, and consequently will increase at least by two the life time of the headset, since in the wireless headsets the batteries are physically inseparable from the device, limiting the lifetime of the wireless headset.  ZigBee is a wireless standards-based technology that addresses the needs of remote monitoring and control and sensory network applications, enabling broad-based deployment of complex wireless networks with low cost and power solutions that run for years on inexpensive primary batteries. The raw data rate of this technology at 2.4 GHz, 250 kbps is low compared with other wireless technologies, but sufficient to transmit voice using the new narrow-band voice codes, as has been demonstrated at JCB's R&D laboratory. In addition, a USB-ZigBee gateway will be developed to link the VoIP software running on PCs with wireless devices transmitting and receiving the voice data. A specific driver will be developed for such a purpose. These wireless devices will achieve better performance than the best products available in the market today.

This project has been funded under the European EUROSTARS programme by means of national funding.

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